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Great Golf Turf is Just the Beginning

In today’s world of business, consultants are used every day and in any number of ways. Have you ever gotten a second opinion on a medical issue? I am sure you believe it prudent to accomplish your due diligence on many important business and life decisions.

A second opinion is one of many reasons to use consultants on your golf course. Where does one go for high quality consulting services? Your first, top of mind answer, may be the USGA’s Turf Advisory Service. Although, there are other expert opinions available for your golf course maintenance, construction, irrigation, and management issues.

Michael Vogt, CGCS, CGIA is an independent consultant with no biases. When it comes to issues associated with golf course management, Mike has first-hand knowledge. A veteran of 39 years as a manager in the golf course business that also has knowledge and experience as a private club general manager.


Pennsylvania State University trained in turfgrass management. Mike has logged visits to over 100 golf courses since beginning the business in 2005. Mike has a broad-based knowledge of both warm and cool season turfgrass conditions and can provide valuable information on a timely basis. It is important to know how other golf courses deal with similar issues, and this includes knowing which programs, products, and procedures are working to solve problems and which ones do not.


Mike’s visits and reports provide a major assist in terms of helping superintendents, green committee members, other course officials, and staff to better understand the specific golf maintenance challenges and options that may exist.


Mike believes it’s important to “cut through the fog” and report to golf course superintendents, club professionals, general managers, committee members, and facility administrators what they need to hear, not necessarily what they would like to hear, about their existing course conditions.

Mike has nothing to sell. The goal is to provide current, honest, and candid advice without bias or any commercial agendas.


As a 33 year Certified Golf Course Superintendent with “boots on the ground” experience, Mike stays current with industry updates on chemical/pesticide combinations, application intervals and application rates. Mike also has access to the latest research results from network sources, industry, and universities. As a Certified Golf Irrigation Auditor, Mike can evaluate and recommend required irrigation upgrades or replacements.


The focus of Mike’s consultation can be on reducing costs, containing expenses, and generally how best to use the budget dollars available. Oftentimes, a few suggestions can save the course more money than the cost of an on-site visit. Each golf course consultation is unique and can be built around your specific objectives.


                                                                                           Mike’s report provides a written, detailed summary of recommendations after the on-site visit. Report turnaround                                                                                               time is generally within one week of the actual visit.

                                                                                           After the visit and the formal report is sent, Mike is available to provide additional support to the superintendent to                                                                                             discuss implementation of the recommendations. This relationship with the golf business is not a “one and done”.                                                                                             Mike takes great pride and accomplishes a best practices philosophy to help implement programs adopted by the                                                                                               golf business.


Often overlooked by others is specific advice to assist on selling the benefits of major capital features and hard assets. A new or renovated irrigation system, planning and building a new maintenance facility, acquiring new equipment, drainage, and general course improvements are just a few more additional benefits available.


Finally, a visit by Mike gives the golf course superintendent and the golf course property an edge

in a very competitive environment. In golf industry surveys, the one characteristic that makes one

golf course better maintained than another is the condition of the turf, how it looks and plays.

An expert, like Mike, can make for better turf on your golf course. Isn’t that the goal for your golf

course business?

In summary, if you are a golf course superintendent, consider this option to increase your

communication with key decision makers and assist you in your ultimate course maintenance

endeavors. If you are a stakeholder or other course official please review this article with your golf

course superintendent and inquire about an expense only, complimentary visit.

If you desire to secure an unbiased, non-commercial, professional evaluation with a written visit report that is sure to improve your turfgrass maintenance practices and make your golf course even more enjoyable, efficient, and better maintained. Consider a beneficial relationship with Michael D. Vogt, CGCS, CGIA, LLC today.

“Great Golf Turf is Just the Beginning”

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